About Us

As the philanthropic arm of Elevance Health, Inc., the Elevance Health Foundation promotes the organization’s commitment to improving lives and communities.

Our History

For over 20 years, we’ve been committed to, connected with, and invested in communities across the country. Through our signature Healthy Generations program, the Foundation has focused on creating a healthier generation of Americans.

The program has targeted specific, preventable health concerns while addressing the disparities and social drivers that affect them. By using innovative social-mapping technology and by analyzing public-health data, we’ve been able to gain a snapshot of the major health issues affecting each state. This has allowed us to drill down to the zip-code level and target initiatives positively affecting the conditions that matter most. We’ve called this “putting science behind the art of grant making.”

Responding to Today’s Issues

The effects of COVID-19, together with recent social unrest, have called attention to racial inequities and health disparities that have plagued our communities for too long and resulted in poorer health outcomes. Recognizing that health is so much more than healthcare, and understanding the needs of our communities, the Elevance Health Foundation has redefined its approach and tightened its focus.

Today, we are concentrating on investing in partnerships and programs that address health inequities by demonstrating measurable and positive change in four key areas: improving maternal/child health, encouraging food as medicine, reducing substance use disorder, and providing disaster relief. Over a three-year period (July 2021—July 2024), the Foundation will invest up to $90 million in partnerships and programs that can demonstrate such change in these crucial areas.

A Shared Future

At Elevance Health, we believe we have a responsibility to champion innovative, sustainable, and equitable solutions to the issues that influence the health of our communities. An important purpose of this site is to share the approaches and progress made by the recipients of Elevance Health Foundation grants. Working together, we can measurably improve the health of humanity.